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With over 15 years of experience, Jenifer provides counseling services to assist her clients with achieving the life they deserve and desire.  While she offers a generalist practice, her areas of specialization include:

  • Improving self esteem
  • Women’s issues
  • Adjustment to motherhood
  • Balancing career & family
  • Anxiety disorders – (common to complex)
  • Body image/unhealthy relationship with food
  • Recovery from sexual/physical/emotional abuse
  • Coping with divorce/grief & loss
  • Parenting/Family communication
  • ADHD

Treatment Philosophy:
Jenifer strongly believes in tailoring treatment to meet each person’s specific needs.  She has received advanced training in a variety of therapeutic approaches, but favors a solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral approach directed at changing maladaptive thoughts and behaviors.  She believes that counseling should be time limited, with goals clearly identified.  She also feels that therapy should provide clients with therapeutic tools, strategies that they understand and can utilize in their quest for happiness. 

Focus on Women:
As a wife, mother of three children and a working professional, Jenifer truly understand the many demands placed on women.  In an effort to be “everything to everyone”, women tend to forget their own needs.  Women often enter counseling feeling drained and depleted, as though each day is more challenging than the last.  While many therapists offer services geared for women, Jenifer’s perspective is uniquely aimed at empowering women and assisting them over the many hurdles in their lives.  In this sense, Jenifer recognizes that women are not only affected by their environment, but by the biological factors that are exclusive to our gender.  Specifically, miscarriage, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and menopause are issues that she addresses. Assisting women in their quest to improve their self concept, overcome body image/eating related issues,  “surviving” motherhood and balancing career and family, are additional areas encompassed in her practice. 

Anxiety Disorders:
For most of her career, Jenifer has specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders.  Working with clients of all ages suffering from the crippling effects of anxiety, Jenifer offers treatment for clients struggling with panic, phobias, generalized anxiety or more complex issues stemming from their core belief system.

Children, Adolescents and Families:
Impacted by school, peers, extra-curricular activities and their families, children and teens face as many pressures as adults.  Yet, they are not developmentally or emotionally prepared to cope with these stressors, resulting in anxiety, anger or even depression.  Counseling offers them a safe outlet, geared toward improving their self esteem, assertiveness and communication skills.   Jenifer additionally works with both child and adult survivors of physical and sexual abuse.

On occasion, Jenifer also offers psychoeducational groups geared toward a specific topic, such as coping with divorce or ADHD.  Please contact her directly to inquire on the availability of these services.

Jenifer A. Garrido, MSW, LCSW   |    719 Peachtree Road,  Suite 200   |   Orlando, FL 32804   |   407 925-6759
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